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The Property Specialists



The Property Specialists


Benefit from expert advice on the condition of the building you are buying

 RICS Home Survey means an RICS Chartered Surveyor  conducts an in-depth visual inspection of the property. This report provides an expert account of the property's condition and highlights any problems in a clear and easy to understand format.

Chartex covers all of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and many postcodes in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Staffordshire.

Quick turn around, with direct access to a RICS qualified surveyor



RICS homebuyers survey 


RICS homebuyers survey 

HomeBuyers Report

A Homebuyer’s Report, is a survey completed to a standard format set out by RICS - it’s most suitable for conventional properties built within the last 150 years, which are in reasonable condition.

It doesn’t detail every aspect of the property, and only focuses on urgent matters needing attention. It’s not usually suitable for properties in need of renovation, or if you’re planning major alterations.

The Homebuyers Report covers:

  • The general condition of the property
  • Any major faults in accessible parts of the building that may affect the value
  • Any urgent problems that need inspecting by a specialist before you sign a contract
  • Results of tests for damp in the walls
  • Damage to timbers – including woodworm or rot
  • The condition of any damp-proofing, insulation and drainage (though drains aren’t tested)
  • The estimated cost of rebuilding the property for insurance purposes
  • The value of the property on the open market.

The Chartex HomeBuyers Report  is carried out by a Chartered Surveyor whose report is  comprehensive and easy to understand

Building Survey

The Survey of Choice


Building Survey

The Survey of Choice


RICS Level 3 Building Survey 

A Building Survey is the most thorough and detailed report that you can commission on the condition of a property.

This survey is  carried out by a Chartered Surveyor

This  is the most comprehensive type of survey. It is suitable for any building, but is especially recommended for older buildings (75 years and upwards); those constructed out of unconventional materials such as timber or thatch; and properties which have had lots of alterations or extensions, or which you intend to alter or renovate. 

Our Chartered Surveyor will check the property thoroughly, looking at everything that is visible or easily accessible, to examine the soundness of the structure, its general condition and all major or minor faults. 

The report provides an expert account of the property's condition and highlights any problems in clear and easy to understand format.  Don't necessarily be put off  it seems that endless defects are listed - every house has some defects and surveyors tend to show the worst-case scenario for anything they discover. You should be provided with a list of prices for repairs and maintenance work, which will also tend to over- rather than under-estimate prices. 

We however do not include a market value of your property in this survey, so if you do require one please choose the Level 2 Homebuyers Report.  





What is a Valuation Report? 


A Valuation report is normally carried out by your financial provider and will not contain the detail which is found in a Building Survey or a HoneBuyers, it will be a slimmed down version. It does not involve a thorough inspection and in some cases may not involve a visit. 

A Valuation Report may also be commissioned for probate after the owner or one of the owners of a property has become deceased.  Another situation is where a divorced couple are working through the difficult process of dividing up their joint property and hence need to determine a reasonably accurate value but possibly without actually proceeding to a sale.  A valuation is also useful for a sale within a family.

The valuation includes a market value figure and a re-instatement figure generally required for insuring the buildings. Perfect if you just need a market price.


at sea as to which survey


at sea as to which survey





Q.  My mortgage lender is organising a valuation and a person is coming to inspect my property.

A. Yes, to obtain a mortgage, your mortgage lender will need a basic valuation of the house. So they send someone out tocheckthat your new property is worth lending the amount of money you require to buy it.  This is the purpose of this basic valuation, to see if you can borrow the money to buy the house you want to buy. 

Q. Will this basic valuation tell me what is wrong.

A.This basic valuation just tells you if your lender will give you the amount of money you require to buy to the new house, or they tell you if your house is un-mortgageable or if it has major structural defects.

Q. My mortgage lender has sent a surveyor round.  Will they not point out the problems? 

A. Although this valuation is often referred to as a survey, it is too superficialto merit being called one. Your lender just needs to know that the property they are lending money on exists and it isn’t falling down.  This basic valuation is required by your lender to ensure they are not lending you more money than your property is worth and if you sell they will get their money back.  

Q. So let me get this straight, I pay for this valuation and then I really need another one? 

A. Yes, is the short answer, although you are paying for this basic valuation, this surveyor is working for the lender, not you. If you want to be safe you need to instruct an independent surveyor.  Although you have been around the house and maybe can see a few faults that you can live with, but you need a trained professional who will be able to pick up on the problems and issues you have not even thought of. 

Q. Okay, but this is just another added cost to already an expensive process!

 A. Yes, but this more detailed survey could actually save you money.  You may be thinking you are moving into your dream home, but     you will kick yourself later, if you move in and find problems that could cost you thousand of pounds you haven’t budgeted for.  At least if you have a professional detailed survey you will be aware of any extra costs and work which requires doing.  You may even find you don’t go ahead with your purchase as carrying out repairs is far too expensive. 

Q. I like this house I have found, what happens if I have the survey and problems are discovered.

A. Well, you can either decide that this extra work is too much for you, too much hassle, and too much cost involved, or you could take your report back to the estate agent and see if you could renegotiate your purchase price. 

Q. When I instruct you to carry out my survey, what to I get?

A. When you instruct us to carry out a survey on your house, we automatically carry out the most comprehensive report we can, combining all the RICS levels: So all aspects of Survey level one: RICS Condition Report, all aspects Survey level two: RICS HomeBuyers Report (apart from the valuation) and all the Survey level three RICS Building Surveyare in your report. We do however levy a small charge extra if you require a valuation, as additional work is required, and we call this our Homebuyers report. 

Q. I can see some problems myself, so do I really need a report?

A. A home is the most expensive purchase you may possibly ever make. As an owner you will benefit from expert advice on the condition of your property - whether you plan to live in it, rent it out or sell it.  Don't take a chance, it could end up costing you more than you think!   Having a survey is worth it and could potentially save you thousands of pounds in costly repair bills in the future.




Don't Take a Chance!

Never leave it to chance when making such a major purchase.   More than a fifth of home owners, who didn't get a survey, are now saddled with a property that they would never have bought if they had taken the time and spent money on a survey. 

Be aware of the  true condition of the property you are purchasing, and avoiding expensive surprises, such as a new roof, or re-wiring.  A survey can also be reassuring, to know that the cracks do not necessarily mean the house is about to fall down.

After reading the  information in the survey you might reconsider whether to buy the property or try and renegotiate the price.  Reducing your offer, by the amount to fix the problems or  alternatively  ask the seller to fix the problems before you buy it.


A survey could save you heartache and money.

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Read some of our many reviews

“Very good communication. Excellent service. Fee reasonable. We were impressed. Building Survey emailed to us the same day.”

— Clare, Matlock March 2015

“The survey was thorough, completed promptly and the report issued as soon as I paid.”

— Carol, Hucknall February 2015

“Really helpful survey conducted quickly with prompt delivery of the report. Hugh was very helpful on the phone describing his findings in further detail. I am very pleased with the service that we have received, thanks.”

— Phil, Buxton February 2015

“Promptness of response : Very quick response!
Quality of service : Hugh Broadbent is fantastic!! REALLY helpful in every aspect of this survey
Value for money : Hugh sent me several e mails keeping me up to date with everything.
Professionalism : Hugh even went out of his way to come down and meet us at the house after some problems had flagged up on the survey. He was keen to point all of these out and to talk us through his findings. Top notch service and just delighted with Hugh he’s a Star!!”

— Historic Buildings. Nikki. Matlock, Derbyshire. April 2015

“I was very pleased with my survey, it was very in depth and showed a lot of fault’s I could not see myself. It also saved me money and consequently I decided not to go through with the property purchase.

I would definitely recommend Chartex, Hugh was very helpful and polite.”

— Jean, Alfreton January 2015

“I would like to say thank you for your prompt and detailed survey. It is because of your report we managed to get £12,500 off the original purchase price of our house. This covered the costs of the extra work required which you had highlighted in your report. Thank you.”

— Angela Clayton November 2014

“Fantastic service – instant and clear email communication after obtaining a comparison quote from this website, unbelievably speedy service (survey done within three days of requesting it!) and report prepared within 24 hours. Buildings survey was very thorough, clear and had plenty of pictures of any potential problems with the house. All queries regarding the survey answered with suggestions on how to proceed within another 24 hours. Absolutely fantastic service, would recommend to anyone in the East Midlands area! Thank you”

— Tina R November 2014

“Great service, very informative – was available to answer all my questions and offered some good advice ”

— Martin S November 2014